The Rest Of It [EP]

by Andy Frew

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The themes found in these songs come out of a renewed sense of the love God has for us and the fact that His ways are ALWAYS better than ours. It pains me to think of how much time I’ve wasted in pursuit of something other than what’s best. The contrast between our idea of how we should live and what Jesus offers is so great.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

I began work on this project while taking a sabbatical from my position as a pastor (thus all the pictures by the sea). During that time I was reminded that there was more to life than busyness and looking like you’ve accomplished something

The songs aren’t great in and of themselves. I don’t expect that you will hear these words and melodies and experience life-changing moments of revelation. It’s my prayer, however, that the obvious themes I’ve written around will act as a reminder that the rest (take that word however you like) of God is what you really need.


released January 1, 2011

Produced, engineered and mixed by Rick Colhoun @ The Soundcastle, North Vancouver.

Andy Frew: Vocals, guitars
Rick Colhoun: Drums, bass, keys, programming, omnichord, dulcimer, guitar, percussion, vocals
Brett Ziegler: B3, piano, melotron, keys
Wes-Lee: Hip-hop stylings on "Throne Of Grace"


all rights reserved



Andy Frew Surrey, British Columbia

Andy Frew is a church planter, worship leader and singer songwriter who’s loving life on the West Coast of Canada. He and his wife and three children live in Surrey, BC where he serves on staff at Crossridge Church. In addition to his role at Crossridge, Andy plays small local shows, leads worship for camps and conferences and entertains vacationers as a Club Med Artist. ... more

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Track Name: He Is Listening
Bring your joy, bring your praise/Thankfulness for all your days/Bring your voice and songs to sing/Together in this place//Bring your hopes, bring your needs/All your fears and all your dreams/Bring your pain and suffering/And lessons that you’ve learned//(Chorus)Let us come, let us sing/With a quiet whisper/Or loud as thunder/He is listening//Bring your spoils, bring your sword/Bring the bitterness you hoard/Bring the charred and splintered boards/From bridges that you’ve burned
Track Name: Great Is The Love
While our hearts were out of place/Your love made a way, Your love made a way/In the face of our disgrace Your love made a way for us//(Chorus)Across the earth the nations singing/An offering of praise we’re bringing/Great is the love, the love of God for us/We sing it out cause we believe it/We shout aloud for all to hear it/Great is the love, the love of God for us//Now we can love and be loved/Jesus it’s Your way, it’s the only way, living like You say/Love perfected shown in us, Your love made a way for us//(Bridge)Life laid down, life laid down/Now we know what real love is, we know what true love is/Life laid down, life laid down/Now we’ve seen what real love is and we sing about what love is/Life laid down//(Outro)There is no fear in perfect love, there is no fear in perfect love/And we sing cause You are God/There is no fear cause You are Love, there is no fear cause You are Love/And we sing cause You are God
Track Name: Throne Of Grace (Feat. Wes-Lee)
To the throne of grace You’re making/A way for me to come/Even though these hands are shaking/I lift them to the One who loves me//(Chorus)Hallelujah, hallelujah/ Mercy, grace and freedom given/Hallelujah//To the throne of grace I humbly/Come
to find my help/Even though these feet are stumbling/I am lifted up and carried// (Bridge)There is hope, come and see/There is peace, come and see/There is rest, there is rest within His arms


Stuck and rooted in my sin and packing round these burdens/Trying to climb these walls this pride of mine’s been bulding/Like the prodigal who’s running from true freedom/A rebel without meaning, a rebel without reason/And then You made a way to let me to come right through to/The mercy seat and find You/And now I stand with hands lifted high to adore You/Mercy grace and freedom raining down from heaven/Sing hallelujah, sing, sing hallelujah sing, sing hallelujah
Track Name: Come And See (The Rest Of God)
Lay your burdens down, come and rest in me/Cause I know what You really need, where You need to be is in me/My rhythms of grace let you live free/Not carrying the weight of this life/My burden is light, come and see//(Chorus)Come and see the way it’s meant to be/Throw your chains aside and stand as free/Find the rest of God is what you really need//Lay your burdens down when your day’s dark as night/Come to Me and be renewed/Find the Way and the Truth and the Life/Used up and worn, angry and burned/Tired of trying to stand, when you know that You can’t, on your own//(Chorus)Come and see the way it’s meant to be/Throw your chains aside and stand as free/Find the rest of God is what you really need/There is peace and life and liberty/Where there once was shame and slavery/Where the rest of God can reach your deepest need
Track Name: Let Your Glory Shine
Praises to You for You have lifted up our heads/Healed our hearts and given life in freedom/You are our rescue and our help in time of need//(Chorus)Let Your glory shine and Your people rise/And sing praises to Heaven’s King/And though sorrow covers us, joy comes through to us/To our God we sing praises to the King//Hallelujah, You’ve heard our mourning now and, oh/You’ve turned it into joy/Our hearts can sing now and we will not be silent/Hear Your people say //(Chorus)Let Your glory shine and Your people rise/And sing praises to Heaven’s King/And though sorrow covers us, joy comes through to us/To our God we sing/ Let Your glory shine and Your people rise/And sing praises to Heaven’s King/Over all victorious, holy, glorious/To our God we sing praises to the King//(Outro)We will shout and we will sing, “Hallelujah!”
Track Name: Everything Changed
What were You thinking the day that You chose to love me/It’s hard to believe that You’d open my eyes to a beauty I’d never have seen/Cause each day I wake and I see a sky that was painted, it seems, just for me/And I wonder what You ever wanted, wanted from me/I guess it was me, I guess it was me//(Chorus)And You made my day and everything, everything changed/Everything, everything changed//Called through the mud and the clouds/It’s kind of surprising You saw me at all/And for what its worth I am sorry it’s taken this long/You knew that I could always hear You/ Regardless of how deaf I would try to play/And time’s not exactly on my side, it’s forced me to see/I needed relief, I needed reprieve//(Chorus)And You made my day and everything, everything changed/Everything, everything changed/When You called my name, everything, everything changed/Everything, everything

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